Lovers School

Creating desire, cultivating passion, upleveling intimate communication in longterm relationship


Let's get intimate!

Anyone can have sex without real connection, pleasure or presence,
but that type of sex leaves you feeling empty and disconnected.

We're here to learn skills of intimacy that allow you to:

⫸ Move from mum-mind to lover-mind, with ease and partner support

⫸ Go from clunky communication and missing each other,
to consistently building seduction and desire in your daily interactions and communication  

⫸ Go from feeling unseen and disconnected, into feeling deeply understood and fully met

⫸ Feeling like trauma triggers stop everything in your loving,
 to knowing how to meet trauma and anger and turn it into something sexy

⫸ Move from not knowing how to ask for what you want,
to your partner being responsive to your needs and knowing how to help you soften and open

⫸ Feeling resentful, mistrusting and withdrawn,
into creating deep safety and trust in your intimacy and relationship  


This course is designed to help couples learn female arousal sex & intimacy skills, build deeper connection & richer communication.

So you can create the type of intimacy you crave ~ full of passion, seduction, presence & know-how, that has you feeling filled up and vibrant in all areas of your life.

≪•◦ ❈ ◦•≫
If you loved Queen School & felt the ripples of change in your relationship
(my Level 1 intimacy & relationship coaching container)
You'll love levelling up in Lovers School with your partner

The lovers, who have a yearning for deeper/better intimacy, but loving and opening feels hard at the moment.

» You’re not really touching each other 
» Feeling shame around your intimacy and sex 
» You’re rarely having sex 
» You’re not really enjoying the sex you are having 
» You don’t experience orgasm, or as frequently as you’d like 
» Sexual dysfunction feels like it gets in your way of great sex 
» Have a trauma background that seems to arise in sex preventing you from enjoying it 
» You find it hard to let go, or feel your body some days 
» You stay in control most of the time, always organise everything, 
but want to be seduced into surrender by your partner 
» You feel unseen, unmet and underfucked

(Yes, I know you love him and he’s a wonderful guy)  

And you want:
» A different sex education that’s female-arousal centred 
» Tools for turning awkwardness and silence into connected and passionate communication 
» More desire and zing between you in your every day  
» To let go and explore the messy, seductive, surrendered side of you in relationship 
» Strategies for you and your partner to move through your trauma response when it arises,
and turn it into open and connected intimacy 
» To create a fulfilling and satisfying sexual connection and experience  
» To know how to use sexual intimacy to deepen connection and communication between you 
» To build safety, connection and communication that facilitates deep trust to open and explore sexually together 









You have evergreen access to the content, which you can use together for as long as you like.

"Julie is so good!! I can't put into words the learnings and shifts I have felt in me and my partner. I know that "everything" is a strong word but it feels like it has changed everything for me. Not just in my romantic life but with friends, family also. I feel more at ease, more joy and more trust in my life. I no longer feel so anxious, controlling or needing to fix shit. Its magic and its such joy to learn about. its a real "coming home". I loved it all and just want feels and is better, I can't wait to continue on this path..."

- F.M.

“Seriously, my husband and I are having some of the best conversations,
the best sex and the best intimacy”

- Sarah

Let’s change the story.

 You get to be lovers AND parents.

You get to have the type of sex and sexual connection you crave, but maybe have never experienced.

You get to open, release, be held and let go in safe and satisfying ways with your partner.

You get to move at the pace that's right for you - we never push, we only ever soften and get curious, together. 

I help you get where you want to go

Great sex follows great desire. So let's learn sex from a female-body-arousal point of view and develop the art of 'the lover' to create desire and build seduction that opens her.

I'll help you develop strategies for you and your partner to move through trauma and trigger responses into delicious connection.


 It get's to be fun and expansive - both in learning and at home!

Sure, we'll talk about some tricky things, but it will be with depth, openness and with the belief that we get to be grown up about the way we sex and the type of sex we have.

Mostly, I just want you to experience the type of sex that's deeply fulfilling and ADDS to you, your life and is a point of connection for you and your partner.

& make love

To all of us.

The playful, the angry, the opened, the hungry and the hurt.

Let your wholeness inspire greater sex with limitless expansion into what orgasm might be for you – heart, body and soul. 

What do we do in Lovers School?

There's your evergreen course content (listed below)

Watch together (watch a lesson per date night!) or alone, at a time that suits you!

In this content is all the information you need to build deeper and better sex and sexual connection.

Treat it like a couples retreat

This is for the two of you, to focus back on each other, to prioritise your relationship, 

and create better sex and connection (and we can always get better, even if what we have is pretty darn good!).

"This knowledge will change your life in the most unimaginable way and all you need to do is start by following what feels good.. life gets to feel amazing if you let it."

- F.M.

"I loved what I learned and feel excited about the future of my relationship."

- Sarah


Initial payment, then five weekly payments 

AUD $155

  • 4 Modules of mind blowing content
  • Email support
  • Downloadable Workbook


Pay in full, SAVE $112

AUD $788

  • 4 modules of mind blowing content
  • Email support
  • Downloadable Workbook
- TM

Julie is the most magnetic person I think I have ever encountered.  She has a way of taking you on a journey of soul expansion that you just can't say no too.  I have learnt so much in Queen School and can't wait to go onto the next program, I can't get enough.

- JT

Julie’s wisdom and energy is indescribable, the course was delivered in such clarity and ease. I see the world and my relationships in a new light. Although it’s a ever involving journey I can’t unlearn what I was taught.

- FM

I am so much more aware of myself, my energy & the energy of others and how that impacts the experience we have - especially in my relationship with my partner. I am now taking responsibility for my experience of life and the impact I have had on our relationship instead of blaming my partner. I have softened, placed down my armour and I feel ready to give and receive in my relationship.

- A

I feel like I am actual medicine . I feel empowered in all these feminine teachings. how much of a blessing I can choose to be and that I create my reality.

So let's Lovers School...

"I am a profoundly different person and my relationship has been able to flourish and expand in ways I never thought possible. It's been a beautiful journey of learning what my soul knows to be true and unlearning basically everything Id been taught and conditioned to. I am so much happier and empowered in myself and my relationships since doing queen school and I know I will continue to uncover deeper truths and understandings when going through the content again. I am forever grateful that I found Julie and Queens School."

- Tessa


Initial payment, then five weekly payments 

AUD $155

  • 4 Modules of mind blowing content
  • Email support
  • Downloadable Workbook


Pay in full, SAVE $112

AUD $788

  • 4 modules of mind blowing content
  • Email support
  • Downloadable Workbook

I'm Jules and I'm a lover.

A mother of four. A partner of 20 years.
A trauma-responsive practitioner, who's travelled a path of awakening sexuality for connection, empowerment and fulfilment.

I deeply understand the complex mix of parenthood, relationship and sexuality:
- to feel like you no longer recognise your body, feel touched-out by parenthood and resentful of your partner.
- mismatched sex drives
- awkward or poor communication
- wanting to let go, yet it is seems like the last thing you can do
- craving to be taken, wanting to feel desirable and seen in all the ways, but not knowing how
- wanting to meet your partner, only to feel like you always get it wrong and come crashing into old rejection wounds

It's okay. Leave your self-judgement at the door. We're here to grow, learn and step beyond our self-sabotage into a deeply fulfilling body, relationship and sexuality. You can 'come' as you are.

You get to be best friends + lovers

↬ love AND desire
↬ monogamy AND hot sex
↬ parents AND lovers


All bodies are welcome.
All identities are welcome.
All sexualities are welcome.
All couples are welcome.

Please note: I will be discussing some topics from the perspective of male and female genitals.


Yes! The majority of the content is directed towards couples, so you can share, discuss and explore together. However, if you're not ready to involve your partner yet, or are looking to uplevel your 'lover skills' so you can open, receive and explore your own sexuality - then you can totally do this with Lovers School!

Whatever you want it to be! This is a self-paced course.

This is an evergreen course, so you have access to it for as long as it exists!

You can do it as a single! This course is about developing your sexual-self - for YOU! The bonus is that you're able to love others better when you remove what's blocking that flow, but it should never be just about the other person.

Ask your partner if they're interested in building a better sex life.

Then ask them if they'd like to do this course with you to help that along. They can watch as much or as little as they like in their own time (and then you could discuss what you want to do about those learnings together), or you could watch lessons together as part of a date-night experience.

Do you want to be?

If the answer is 'yes', then this course is a chance to bring that energy and attention back to an area of life that's not functioning in a way that lights you up.

This course is simply one way of entering tricky terriane with your partner and to begin clearing blocks between the two of you and intimacy.

This is a sexuality-focused course, so there are partner practices revolving around being intimate - but you don't have to do them! If you're just curious and wanting to dip a toe in and see what's for you, that's completely fine - this is a super-safe way to see what else might be possible.

Yes! After this course, you have options to come into my private membership group - Honey Club, do the Queen School course or join the waitlist for my 1:1 sessions.