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Get out of your head and into your body, sensuality and magnetism

Let’s get you out of your head and into your body, sensuality & magnetism

Sure, they're a great human. You’re a great human.
You love each other. Things are really ‘fine’.

What if you’re someone who wants something a little more extraordinary and breathtaking than ‘fine’?…

Maybe you feel like his mother and it has a repulsive effect that further fuels resentment cycles between you...

Maybe you'd just love a break from the pounding mental load and always having to 'be on', in control, in charge and leading life, kids...

Maybe you have this sense of feeling 'hard', disconnected from your body and your partner, like there's this 'wall' over your heart blocking you from feeling affectionate, desired, open...

Maybe you feel like you've lost pieces of yourself in motherhood...you just can't seem to pinpoint 'what's wrong' outside of feeling 'beige' about your life, your body, your relationship, your sexuality....or maybe you never got out of 'survival mode' and now you're exhausted, wrung out and unsure how to find your way back to the fun, joy-filled you, you used to know...

Maybe you have a very loving and devoted partner, but you can't seem to muster passion...or ask for what you need...and you're scared they can't or won't meet you...

Maybe you're playing the 'who has it harder' comparison 'game', both feeling unseen and under-appreciated, both stacking resentment.

Are you done with killing your passion every single day?!

Transform your relationship to your body, emotions, desire and the masculine, by opening your feminine energy.

Learn the feminine secrets of magnetism, surrender and desire.
(Where you love receiving what you need
& they love giving it!)

Soften, open, surrender, receive
(They're just muscles you need to learn how to flex to the same degree you can ‘get sh*t done’!)

You want to feel his grounding physical presence & attentive attention on you

You know, the one that makes you feel loved, cherished, seen and go all gooey, or super electric girly...

But instead, he seems to read you as untouchable, short, sharp, demanding, as if you’re berating him like a child - and he either defends himself, fights against you or withdraws entirely...

He steps backward when what you want is for him to step toward you, take charge of the moment, see your suffering and 'make' you swoon.

What he doesn't know is that behind that 'scary, demanding facade', is a woman aching to let go and craving to feel softer and more open...

And what you don't know is he wants to feel like your king. 

He wants to feel like he's got you and this.

You actually both want the same thing:
He wants your surrender.
You want to surrender.
He wants your melt and you want to melt.

So let's create a relationship where you both get the close connection & the passion you crave

Where YOU don't feel like you have to be his mum and he doesn't feel like he's a disappointing little boy again, in trouble all the time.

Relationships were never meant for you to be working off your to-do list 24/7


To reconnect with your feminine energy and create a relationship that feels like the honeymoon phase all over again...where you both can't stop swooning over each other...

Imagine having a partner who can read your body instantly and know where you're at, what you need and exactly how to give it to you...in all the right ways, so you're back to feeling present, open and available for love and connection.

Imagine seeing your partner walk in the room and your body takes an 'attraction leap' forwards with excitement, which of course he notices and locks onto you with that stare, and as he slowly saunters towards you, ready to make you melt in his arms, your whole body is electric with anticipation...and you're just in the kitchen with all the kids around you getting ready for the day!

Imagine knowing that when you're in rush-busy-pounding-mental-load mode, he knows how to see that suffering and exactly how to 'handle you', so you're able to let go and come back to feeling connected, supported, held and delicious again. Imagine handing him those keys, so he knew just how to meet you...

That's where Queen School comes in

Queen School is how to connect with your feminine energy, so you can have the sensual and romantic relationship you crave, with the deep connection you've always wanted 

"Queen School has started to change the whole trajectory of my relationship. I understand more about what actually makes me tic, why I’m doing things and begin able to communicate that to my husband. I’m noticing shifts every single day. I’m feeling seen, I feel like I’m communicating better and he’s seeing me, which is all I wanted! And I’m realising, the more I’m feeling seen, the more I’m feeling good, the more I’m tapping into that femme, the more he’s coming towards me, I’m not forcing him, I’m just like a magnet! He’s just coming towards me!
- Mary

Maybe you're feeling one or more of these...
(*hint: us too!)

≫ You're the one in charge of Family Inc / mental load
You're in constant service to other peoples needs, always putting others needs above your own.

≫ You run in your masculine energy / boss-mode all the time
Always in doing mode, always in control; leading, directing, planning, organising, multitasking...
And when it comes to 'issue' you either 'fire up' or swallow it down.

≫ You're exhausted from always being in charge
You feel like you're running on empty, maybe you feel like you don't know who you are anymore. Maybe you feel like you don't get to have needs, or they'll never be met. You don't know how to balance mothering with lover-ing

≫ You feel disconnected from your partner
You feel hardened, like your heart is walled-up and you hold-back but don't even know why...and honestly, it's another thing you have to lead - and you're so tired (& in resentment cycles) you can't even.

≫ You feel disconnected from your body, sensuality and sexuality
You miss desire - in your own body & in your relationship. You feel like your body is either numb or full or rage. You're competing with your partner for needs and playing 'who has it worse'.

 You feel stuck; waiting for life to change ...your partner to change, children to change…convinced you just have to get through this phase and things will be different.

"Queen School is Life School. It saved my marriage and I discovered myself. I am braver, more authentic, I love life and I love my husband. I am a now a loving wife and mother. Julie taught me to trust myself, and that to let people love me, I have to love myself first. It is safe to love. It is safe to be loved."  

- Cathy 

Let’s change the story.

Feeling like you're it, there’s no one else, so if you don't do it, it won't get done. Which means, your only option is to harden up...because that's what you need to be able to get it all done.

Most of your day to day struggle is invisible ~ from kids, to mental load, to switching off how you feel so you can do what needs to be done. But then you feel invisible and your struggle unseen and all you want is to be held, so you can spill out all the hardness and relax into who you really are; a soft, loving woman.

You don't know how to communicate to your partner how you're feeling, how hard your day has been, or what you need at the end of it...it all just feels too big and you're exhausted just thinking about it.
So you don't share, you don't leave your head, you don't had over being in control and you get angrier and more resentful of him, and more convinced there’s no other way to be.  


Masculine and feminine energy: what it is, how to access it, how to use it, what's blocking it.
So you have the power and the option to open your feminine energy, anytime you notice you're closed off, shut down or walled up, so you CAN be met differently by your partner.

Let's get you back in contact with your body, able to listen to your feelings and your needs. Dressing for your own beauty and pleasure. Feeling open and receptive to connection. Feeling joy and aliveness in your body.  Able to rest when you need to, let go when you want to.

Let's get you to a place where your partner notices you the second you enter a room and can’t help but stare as you walk across it, like a transfixed puppy-dog.


You'll giggle at how he’s falling over himself to do things for you, just to please you.

You'll feel so chosen by the small declarations of love and devotion he does for you everyday, from anticipating what you need before you even know it, to taking over with the kids or house, to being able to hold any emotional storm you long to release from your body.

You'll notice how much more capacity and purpose you feel in your every day, because you know ‘he’s got you’ - if you fall today, he’s going to catch you and your life.

And you'll have the freedom to show up as the woman, lover and mother you long to be, every day.

To create a passionatEly connected relationship

You'll feel the lightness and relief it is to know that if you've been in boss-mode too long and you've gotten rigid and hardened, that he knows just how to make you feel safe and seen, so you can drop your defences and slip into the soft, open, loving woman you are and he adores.

A place where at the end of a day you feel delight at your partners arm sliding round your waist. Anticipation and desire in your body to be touched and opened in only ways he can.

The type of relationship where you feel zings of electricity and experience nights of passion, amongst all the demands of parenthood.

It's creating the life where the lovers still find each other and that gives you both strength and deeper connection every single day.

"I have an understanding now of femme and masc energy and an awareness of when I’m in each and how it feels. My husband and I have begun being intimate again after a year of only very sporadic (and forced) encounters. I am appreciating his masc and what he provides for our family. He is responding with more caring behaviour like making me coffee, buying me wine. I have so much hope for our marriage now. I also have so much hope that the man I married will have room to become the man he was always meant to be, without the build up of tension, low self esteem etc. I dance almost every day. I breath deep and use my sound every day. And so much more!!!"

- Rachael

What you’ll get out of it

➾ Create a feeling of gentle openness with yourself and your lover daily

Enjoy feeling all the melty, swoony moments and sensations in your every day life between you and your partner

Learn to let go any time you want to...of course you can still be a powerhouse! But you ALSO get to surrender...

Connect to your feminine energy, your beauty, embodiment, sensuality, adornment and magnetism

Change your relationship with receiving - let go of feeling like you've 'earned it' with hard work, keeping the checks and balances on receiving, and instead know what you need, how to communicate it and how to receive that abundance joyfully

➾ Uplevel your communication skills and learn to create a delicious win:win situations you BOTH enjoy  

Artfully communicate your desires to your partner and have them met with joy!    

➾ Learn to be in contact with your own unique beauty, seduction and attraction force and enjoy the heck out of it!

Reignite the polarity in your relationship, so passion can thrive between you once again!

Suitable for singles and those in relationship

Let's do this!
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*This is a self-paced, online learning course.

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If you know you can get in your own way when making these relationship changes and struggle to maintain your feminine energy day to day and the electric connection between you, then Honey Club is 12 months of support and coaching you to build relationship habits that bring you back into feminine and sensual energy, magnetic communication and feeling the goddess-mode that you were always meant to experience.

"There is no question too hard, off-limits or beating around the bush, just fabulous open and honest advice and feedback to help you move from where you are as a human to your next level best! Thank you Julie. We are so truly grateful for your work!"
- Sharon

"I'm here as a returning Queen School member, so I get all the magical chats and the lives. It keeps me maintained and moving and stops me from getting stuck anywhere. 
- Cathy

 “Seriously, my husband and I are having some of the best conversations, the best sex and the best intimacy”

- Sarah

I'm a lover.

I'm a mother of four. I'm a partner of 22 years.

I LOVE the masculine and I love the journey I’ve come on to understand the masculine within me and the masculine beings around me.  

I want you to deeply understand the differences between masculine and feminine minds, hearts and bodies, so you can love you and your lover better…and in doing so, be loved better.

I want you to find a path to your Queenship: seeing the world through her eyes, feeling her men through her body and evoke the inner King and Warrior he was born to be and you crave.

It's possible

"I have had since committing to Julie’s Queen School - a relationship that fulfills me more - in all the ways - better sex, better communication, more love."

- Cindy 

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"Julie, every newly married / partnered couple would SO benefit listening to this module! If only I had this understanding 20 years ago!"
- Laurelle

“We’re both super excited about our future together and that’s largely because of the insights and tools I’ve learnt from here.”

- Elyse

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"Working with Julie has changed our marriage, how I parent and how I understand myself. It's an ongoing journey but Julie's support and wisdom is life changing in ways that we didn't even know were possible."
- Hayley

Queen School
Pay in full


Save $111

Queen School
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Initial payment, then four weekly payments

Queen School has allowed me to step back and approach it from ‘this is what’s really happening here’. Then I can share with him this is what’s happened in my body, this is what’s triggered me, this is why…and f^ck, it’s like you say, they just look at you and say  ‘okay, you’ve never actually said that before. I’ve got you. I’m holding you.’  How safe do you feel in your nervous system when you know you’re held like that?!

- Leanne

"I am a profoundly different person and my relationship has been able to flourish and expand in ways I never thought possible. It's been a beautiful journey of learning what my soul knows to be true and unlearning basically everything Id been taught and conditioned to.

I am so much happier and empowered in myself and my relationships since doing queen school and I know I will continue to uncover deeper truths and understandings when going through the content again. I am forever grateful that I found Julie and Queens School."

- Tessa

Words from other Queen School graduates,
what they would like to tell you:

"Be braver. Listen to your intuition and all the learnings and push for more from him. You know. Now it's time to believe that you know."

"You’re going to uncover parts of yourself you didn’t realize were hidden. These are your greatest gifts, in relationship and how you show up in the world. This is a life changing experience."

"There’s a lot to learn and a lot to take in and some of it will be hard but it’s so worth it to stick with it."

"Trust your feels... do the thing you magnificent beast of light and pleasure."

"To take a breath and not feel overwhelmed. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to take in and some of it will be hard but it’s so worth it to stick with it."

"If you are feeling called to join any of Julie’s programs then I urge you to trust that nudge. You will not be the same woman/man at the other side. The energy shifts are both subtle and profound. You will feel like nothing is changing some days, and like everything is changing at a rapid pace on others."

“My heart actually flutters when I watch your lives.
It’s scary and exciting all in one. ”

- Lucy

Come join me in Queen School

"Queen School has been life changing for me. I can see a whole new level of intimacy and connection forming from this work. Julie - thank you!
Your teaching style and warm presence made for such an enjoyable learning experience. Could not have felt more safe and held whilst sharing vulnerable moments."

 - Kerrie

Queen School
Pay in full


Save $111

Queen School
Payment Plan


Initial payment, then four weekly payments

Queen School is a self-paced,
online learning course.

It's definitely worth adding Honey Club if:

» You understand how to step into your feminine energy, but you struggle stay there
» It seems like there are some really big blocks between you and your partner or the relationship of your dreams right now
» You find it hard to maintain momentum and keep change sustainable. Hint: It's SUPER HARD to big transformational journeys all on your own!
» You've spent decades running in your masculine and you've got some ingrained habits and beliefs
» You're ready to learn to embody your feminine and see him differently, so you wake up and your first thought is  ‘ooo, hello you’ ....not your to-do list

Then Honey Club is for you.

You're in Honey Club for a year so you can embody your feminine energy and build the personal and relationship habits that give you your feminine and sensual energy, magnetic communication and bring you back into that goddess mode that you were always meant to be.