Get your irresistible game on!

Think of Honey Club as your 
'12-month Relationship Bootcamp' 
where I guide and support you to implement an 'Inspired challenge' every week for a whole year, to bring the spark and intimacy back into your body, mind and love life!

> Kind of like a science experiment, you'll learn about and try out some skills that will change your relationship from disconnected and frustrated to connected and passionate

Where you'll come to realise and embody that YOU feeling great and loving your own desires, makes you the type of partner he can’t wait to come home to!

Get you out of your head and into your body, heart and feminine energy with:
Monthly content focus
Fresh weekly content
Access to group coaching TWICE a week
Monthly Masterclass

Oh honey, you ARE in the right place...

Have you ever decided you were going to start that health kick or work out every day ~ signed up and showed up for 5 days straight....then never set foot in that gym again or gave up on the diet because you 'just can't' anymore?

If that's happened to you, it's not because you can't stick at things or that reality is not yours to have,
it's because the plan wasn't respectful of your life or capacity, so it wasn't sustainable.

> And going it alone rarely works.    

Trying to practice relationship and intimacy skills all alone is kind of like that.

Why Honey Club?

If you loved my book
~ you'll LOVE Queen School
(Included in a Honey Club membership)

Queen School is for those who want to learn more and take the concepts of feminine and masculine energy into their life and relationships.

If you enjoy self-paced content and self-awareness steps with actionable prompts, this is for you! 

Four modules of binge-able content to radically change how you see yourself, him and your relationship.  

*You can purchase Queen School as a stand-alone online course.

The problem with Queen School being an online course: 

You're on your own. You're leaving your healing and awakening to the same brain that got you to where you are right now.  

If you want something different to what you currently have, it takes opening up to other possibilities, other ways of seeing you and *this*.

It takes a community who are or are heading, where you WANT to be.  Otherwise, you're left with the same conversations and realities you are currently living. No one is moving from that place.  

You want something different and to be able to 'riff' with others who will offer the type of support and advice you need to change your reality, you need a different group consciousness to the one around you in your day to day life, to tap into.  

Queen School course content is condensed ~ to deliver you the most potent points, insights and understandings so you can create massive change in your life. But direct-impact often leaves out nuance - and nuance is often more important than an overarching philosophy.

It's the 'HOW?' applied to your unique life and relationship that delivers you the most sustainable change.  An online course cannot deliver nuance and application to you and your unique life. 

pairs beautifully

The type of relationship change you want for you and I want for you, takes longer than a 4-week 'dash & crash' course. REAL change, requires a nervous system to unwind, release what's in the way and 'reprogram' - that takes TIME, support and commitment.

Over 12 months I break down the Queen School content into monthly themes, weekly focus-points with tangible action steps for you to try out and take into your life, with a community to support you in the challenge change brings up and to celebrate you in the wins you create!

On top of that support, I'm available twice a week (for the first 3 weeks of every month) for any coaching you would like to receive as you integrate and transform!  Lasting change HAS to be sustainable with your life and capacity - rather than only possible for you to maintain when life is 'easy'...and everything crashes when life throws you curve balls.

Over the course of a year, we will all encounter the ebbs and flows of life and relationships. I want you to have the support and guidance available to you to create subtle shifts in how you're meeting yourself and your partner, so your relationship becomes an asset that supports you through life's tough times and brings you relief, release and joy that helps you live the type of life you want, where you feel looked after, cared for and liberated from 'hard work', resentment-cycles or checking out entirely.

Honey Club is a private community of women seeking to transform their connection to their feminine energy, heal their relationship to 'the masculine' and awaken savvy relationship skills to increase their connection, fulfilment and satisfaction.

Maybe you're feeling one or more of these...
(*hint: us too!)

You're the one in charge of Family Inc / mental load
You're in constant service to other peoples needs, always putting others needs above your own.

You run in your masculine energy  / boss-mode all the time 
Always in doing mode, always in control; leading, directing, planning, organising, multitasking...

You're exhausted 
You feel like you're running on empty, maybe you feel like you don't know who you are anymore. Maybe you feel like you don't get to have needs, or they'll never be met.

You feel disconnected from your partner, you want HIM to lead you
You feel hardened, like your heart is walled-up and you hold-back but don't even know why...and honestly, it's another thing you have to lead - and you're so tired (& in resentment cycles) you can't even. 

 ≫ You feel disconnected from your body, sensuality and sexuality
You miss desire - in your own body & in your relationship. You feel like your body is either numb or full or rage.

And oh my goodness you want to:
(*hint: us too!)

Soften and be swooned
To melt into yourself, your body and your partner. To let go of control...just for a time.

Connect to your feminine energy
Beauty, embodiment, sensuality, adornment, magnetism - you want it all!

 Change your relationship with receiving
To let go of feeling like you've 'earned it' with hard work, relax the checks and balances on receiving...and step into magnetic receiving in all the ways.

Uplevel your communication skills to create a delicious a win:win you BOTH enjoy
To artfully communicate your desires to your partner and have them met with joy!

Feel desire in your body and life!
To be in contact with your own unique beauty, seduction and attraction force and enjoy the fuck out of it!

We can't control another person.
But we CAN control 'cleaning up our side of the street' and BEING the energetic match for everything we want.

*Hint: it has NOTHING to do with doing more!

Brings you the skills to be loved better, by becoming a better lover and teaches you how to get out of your head and into your body.

Brings you life and relationship integration of concepts along with high-touch targeted change, within a supportive community.

*Queen School online course is INCLUDED in a Honey Club 12-month membership

Honey Club is a space carved out just for YOU to bring your relationship into focus in your life.

What you’ll get out of Honey Club:

➵ A deep understanding of your energetic polarity + the magnetic power you have to shift how you feel and what you experience in life + love!

➵ The skills to move yourself from hyper-masculine, over-functioning energy into feminine receiving energy; relaxed, open, loving, inviting

➵ Skills, pathways and embodiment practices to increase surrender, attraction, and desire within yourself

➵ Get out of cycles of feeling hardened, invisible and taken for granted into feeling well loved and taken care of, able to soften with your kids and partner

➵ A relationship with your body, sensuality and inner seductress that is entirely yours, not blocked or tainted by 'old history'
➵ A deep understanding of what both you and your partner need and what's happening 'below the surface'

 ➵ Heal cycles of disconnection and resentment-stacking with your partner into receiving from them in ways you never thought possible...or have previously 'allowed' yourself

➵ Stop feeling constantly f*cked-off at your partner, only able to see what they DON'T do into an authentic state of deep appreciation of the men in your life

➵ Skills to go from feeling unable to ask for what you need to skilful communication that gets your needs met and you both feel great!




A text message directly from me to you, that helps you connect, alchemise and empower your week.  

Two texts a week (during our three content-focus weeks a month)
-One for your week
-One for your weekend


An audio from me every second day for a whole year! To help you continue to integrate, grow and expand!

*Delivered via the same course platform as Queen School, plus emailed to you. 

Monthly Masterclasses


"I had one foot out of our marriage, looking for reasons to leave. Now I have both feet in and I’m looking for the beauty every day."

- Sarah


"I don’t have time!" is no longer an excuse! That’s how easy I’ve made this for you.

All the supporting materials are able to be done around your life – they’re quick, direct, focused, and sent straight to your phone, so you can absolutely make change amongst all of life’s demands, no childcare required!

↬ QUEEN SCHOOL - self-paced online course content

↬ HONEY CLUB - twice weekly calls, recorded for replay


 PLUS! Your BONUS content! 


This is completely neurodiverse friendly and for those of us who find overwhelm creeps up often, focus hard and consistently staying on track, even harder.

Learn how you learn best, with access to the best support you can get.

You do not have to participate in everything,
this is a ‘take what you need’ method, where there’s nothing for you to ‘work out’ on your own, I’ll guide you, step by step in creating change.

The only decision you need to make is what learning methods best support you in any given week, then relax, just participate in those and I’ll help you create the change you seek.


You don't have to do this work alone.

It's okay to feel unsure, scared and worried.  

It's really normal to feel a little 'giddy' with anticipation, uncertainty and possibility.

That's how you know 'it's time'! A little bit of excitement + fear is your sign for your 'next level' growth.

If it didn't feel like that, you'd be in your comfort zone and already know it all!  

Let your heart step forwards and your mind step back, just for short little while.  

Let yourself find the openness and permission you don't give yourself in the rest of your life.

Let yourself sink into being 'carried' and cared for, for a while.

 Let yourself remember what surrender felt like.

"I am a profoundly different person and my relationship has been able to flourish and expand in ways I never thought possible. It's been a beautiful journey of learning what my soul knows to be true and unlearning basically everything I'd been taught and conditioned to. I am so much happier and empowered in myself and my relationships since doing queen school and I know I will continue to uncover deeper truths and understandings when going through the content again. I am forever grateful that I found Julie and Queen School."

- Tessa


Queen School

➶ Four modules of content, accessed via an online course platform.

TWO Group coaching calls per week

➶ TWO 30-minute group coaching calls a week (first 3 weeks of every month) so you have more opportunity to access coaching when you need it:

1 x Touch Point Circle per week
 ✺ I share that week’s content focus and ‘challenge’ (a specific activity to focus on, based on that week’s content)
 ✺ The circle is open for coaching
 ✺ Mondays 10am Melbourne time (best for US based time zones)

1 x Share Circle per week
 ✺ The circle is open for coaching, with a focus on that week’s ‘Inspired Challenge’
 ✺ If there are no questions, it will be a follow-along embodiment practice •
 ✺ Thursdays 8pm Melbourne time (best for UK based time zones)

 *All calls recorded for replay

Support when you need it 

➶ Our private Honey Club Facebook group, where you can ask any questions you have and receive answers from 'the brains trust' - both myself and the community of conscious 'honeys'
➶ Six coaching calls a month - plug in when you need it
➶ A library of courses and previous content

touch points

➶ LOVE NOTES - A text message directly from me to you, that helps you connect, alchemise and empower your week. Value $55/month.
➶ MORE THAN SKIN DEEP - A voice message from me every second day for a whole year. Value $39/month.
➶ A MONTHLY MASTERCLASS - to expand your love, intimacy and work in the world. Value $111/class.


Here's our topic plan for this next quarter:




Week One - YES WEEK

"Every newly married / partnered couple would SO benefit listening to this!
If only I had this understanding 20 years ago!"

- Laurelle

"Queen School has been life changing for me. I can see a whole new level of intimacy and connection forming from this work.
Julie - thank you! Your teaching style and warm presence made for such an enjoyable learning experience. Could not have felt more safe and held whilst sharing vulnerable moments."

- Kerrie

Hi! I'm Jules and I'm a lover.

I'm a mother of four. A partner of 20 years. Sure, I'm a practitioner - a Naturopath, counsellor, healer, teacher, but my real learning has come through my lived experiences.

I'm all for content - I adore learning! But unless it's practiced, integrated and embodied it won't last. At some point, we have to leave the safety of the mind and enter the body to really make the big shifts.

What I love more than content is 'the messy middle' - the place you meet what you 'know', with past beliefs and what your body has stored or stuck. It's my genius zone.

So if you're ready to discover more about yourself, to love yourself more fiercely than you ever have before and soften to everyone you love in your life, then Honey Club is your home-ground and home-base.

In this community you'll find heart-centered, deeply authentic women, who have just as much 'mess' and just as much wisdom as you do. There's nothing women can't do when come together from that place.

Come learn with an incredible community, with all the support you need, to become the most magnetic lover you can be.

“Last night my husband told me he’s seen a complete shift in me over the past few weeks and he feels more understood than he ever has. I never knew he didn’t feel understood before! After years of complaining about our connection, I now feel more connected to him than ever before and we are both reaping the rewards of that. If you’re not quite satisfied in your love life, this course could change your life"

- Helen

"I'm here as a returning Queen School member, so I get all the magical chats, and the Lives...
It keeps me maintained and moving and stops me from getting stuck anywhere."

- Cathy

Queen School Course 

Come be a Honey

Is Honey Club for me, or should I just do Queen School?

» You understand how to step into your feminine energy, but you struggle to stay there
» It seems like there are some really big blocks between you and your partner or the relationship of your dreams right now
» You find it hard to maintain momentum and keep change sustainable. Hint: It's SUPER HARD to big transformational journeys all on your own!
» You've spent decades running in your masculine and you've got some ingrained habits and beliefs
» You're ready to learn to embody your feminine and see him differently, so you wake up and your first thought is ‘ooo, hello you’ ....not your to-do list

Come be honey-hearted, with a year of support for

Queen School online course ~ value $555
6 group coaching calls a month ~ value $1,111
Love Notes ~ value $55/month
More than Skin deep ~ value $39/month
Monthly Masterclass ~ value $111/month
Queenbee call ~ value $555/call, every quarter

TOTAL VALUE per month....$1,548

Yours for just $149 a month
*Or pay in full and save $344!


$149 per month
for 12 months

Everything inside Honey Club
+ full access to the Queen School course (valued at $555)


(save $344)

Everything inside Honey Club
+ full access to the Queen School course (valued at $555)

- Jess

This week I bought lingerie just because it was pretty. Not comfy. Not cheap. Not practical. Just because it was beautiful. I spent more money than I ever have buying red lipstick. Because, well, I like looking like a fucking goddess. And today in my free time, guess what I did. Nothing. I read. I put on music and danced. I sat and asked my intuition what it needed me to know. But I did nothing chasing an outcome. I don't even know who I am anymore! Thankyou so much for this gift! I will be finished reading it soon but imma need my own copy to keep me thinks! I'm kinda pissed this wasn't given to me to read as a teenager lol!”

- Amy

I just wanted to share with you what happened today. I’m day 1 of my cycle and this morning I was feeling pretty grumpy...I got dressed up in a beautiful skirt and felt pretty great (despite only going out for a chai with my kids) my husband messaged me at lunchtime to say he was finishing work early, he would do dinner and put my children to bed and I was free to go and take the afternoon to myself or do some work.  I DIDN'T EVEN SPEAK TO HIM ABOUT THIS. I also hadn’t asked him for space this afternoon. But I definitely needed it. I’m amazed. I’m grateful. Just by shifting my approach today I got what I needed. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!  

- Clemence

I am in awe of your devotion to this space, your wisdom, honesty, your deeply read, deeply felt approach that still manages to feel so inviting and playful. It's a space where I feel held in my human 'here', and also nudged in the direction of my next steps in the journey, and there isn't an area of my life that hasn't benefited. Thank you, so much.

- Mary

Queen School has started to change the whole trajectory of my relationship. I understand more about what actually makes me tic, why I’m doing things and begin able o communicate that to my husband. I’m noticing shifts every single day. I’m feeling seen, I feel like I’m communicating better and that he’s seeing me, which is all I wanted! And I’m realising, the more I’m feeling seen, the more I’m feeling good, the more I’m tapping into that femme, the more he’s coming towards me, I’m not forcing him, I’m just like a magnet! He’s just coming towards me!


No. This is a woman-focused journey. This is about YOU reclaiming your feminine energy, coming home to your sensuality and polarity, learning men and masculine communication in a completely new way. The byproduct is being an energetic match for an incredible relationship.

No matter if you're single, divorced, feel like you have one foot in and one foot out of your current relationship, or not sure about what the future of your relationship holds.

No! This is set up for those that love lots of holding, support and front-of-mind, easy-to-do reminders and practices for change.

It’s also perfect for those of us with neurodiversity who find overwhelm happens often and focus super hard – you don’t have to ‘do’ anything, there’s nothing left up for you to ‘work out’ on your own – you just relax and see what comes up on that day or week that supports and helps you – I’ll guide you, step by step. Remember, no woman left behind.  

This a system of support and holding that allows you full autonomy to take what you need, when you need it. Some weeks or months you might be right up for all of it, and other months only parts of it. That’s the beauty of this system, you can be supported however you need through all the seasons of your life, but you won’t’ ‘slip backwards’ because there’s always a way for you to access support and create what you need in your life and relationship. 

The great thing is, you don’t’ have to be on Facebook to access this incredible support and holding! You are more than welcome to join our community Facebook group, but you DO NOT have to digest content via the group – it can be for community, support and having your questions answered, if you choose to use it. There’s no pressure to use it or be part of it, but it is there if you love the feeling of an virtual community hub.  

You will have full access to content, even if you are not on Facebook.

Here’s how:
•All Zoom call links are sent out via email, so you can join the Zoom’s no worries - that's 3 calls every month, plus the monthly masterclass and quarterly Queenbee calls.
•Access to LOVE NOTES - a text from me to set your week and your weekend right.
•Access to MORE THAN SKIN DEEP - a private podcast feed, with an audio drop every second day

Honey Club is open to all people who identify as femme/feminine and/or woman.  
Please note: We do centre our conversations around female reproductive organs and energy centres and does often use binary language.

Yes. If you learn best on your own with self-paced online content - then Queen School online course is for you. FIND OUT MORE HERE.

You'll be invited to stay, at a reduced price!

Words from other Queen School graduates,
what they would like to tell you:

"Be braver. Listen to your intuition and all the learnings and push for more from him. You know. Now it's time to believe that you know."

"You’re going to uncover parts of yourself you didn’t realize were hidden. These are your greatest gifts, in relationship and how you show up in the world. This is a life changing experience."

"There’s a lot to learn and a lot to take in and some of it will be hard but it’s so worth it to stick with it."

"Trust your feels... do the thing you magnificent beast of light and pleasure."

"To take a breath and not feel overwhelmed. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to take in and some of it will be hard but it’s so worth it to stick with it."

"If you are feeling called to join any of Julie’s programs then I urge you to trust that nudge. You will not be the same woman/man at the other side. The energy shifts are both subtle and profound. You will feel like nothing is changing some days, and like everything is changing at a rapid pace on others."

Let's do it honeybee


$149 per month
for 12 months

Everything inside Honey Club
+ full access to the Queen School course (valued at $555)


(save $344)

Everything inside Honey Club
+ full access to the Queen School course (valued at $555)