Story Weaving Workshop

Nourish and restore through listening, sharing and weaving.

You've been on a journey.
Perhaps it's time to pause and reflect on that journey,
allowing yourself integration, insight, compassion and clarity.

Come listen to some story medicine, as told by me, and feel into your own experiences, insights and understandings, while you sit in circle and learn to weave with native grasses, grown, tended to and harvested by me, from my garden.

This style of basket weaving is entirely beginner-friendly!!

Why Basket Weaving?

Ever heard of the saying "busy hands, quiet mind"?
It's a favourite of mine.

When women engage in rhythmic and repetitive movement, it becomes a form of meditation and can be a way to connect with your higher-self, intuition and guidance.

Engaging in this ancient women's craft that has spanned centuries, is a wonderful way to connect to the generations of women that have come before you. There's something deeply 'rooting' and connecting about it.

Over seven Saturday afternoons with me:

 ✧ Listen to yourself
✧ Contemplate where you find yourself in your life
✧ How you feel in your heart
✧ What your soul wants for you next

But Julie, I'm not creative....

Boooo! Untrue.

My love, you were made by creation, for creation.
You are a manifestation, made for manifesting.
Your power of creation and your willingness to claim it, is one of the most powerful things about you.

Perhaps the greatest reclamation any of us can do for our feminine energy, is to reclaim our creativity; our ability to create.

And creating something 'from nothing', is incredibly rewarding.

Though arguably that's what you do every day
~ create something from nothing:
❊ Create a physical manifestation from a dream or idea.
❊ Create a child from a single cell.
❊ Create love from a feeling.
❊ Create dinner from vegetables.
Create YOURSELF, over and over.

You create every day.
Only the most radical of creations - you, your healing, your courageousness, your re-patterning - often go unseen.

That's why physical creativity is so important. It's a way to:

- Acknowledge what you've experienced
- Understand and integrate your experiences
- Heal and find peace
Through giving form to the formless, visibility to the invisible.

Hi, I'm Jules and I love basket weaving!
Why I love basket weaving as a creative exploration:

 - A basket is a metaphor for what your life holds - all your experiences that cradle and create your life
- As our hands move, our minds drift and we listen in ways our day-to-day life doesn't allow
- When we listen deeper, we hear more and we understand ourselves in ways we never have before  

And that brings greater love, ease, alignment and connection into your life.

It’s a quiet afternoon with me and women just like you, for seven weeks.

>> Time to listen to you and create the space to reflect so you can hear your own thoughts and heart's guidance.

Through story, we'll engage in understanding ourselves and the context of our life and from there, we'll weave.

At the end of seven weeks together, you'll have some cool new skills and a magical basket that holds the story of you, the weaver, and the possibility of her dreams.

Baskets made by previous students

Each basket is as unique as the weaver and holds the story of her journey.
They are always magnificent works of art and expressions of love.

Story Weaving Workshop

We'll spend seven workshops together, guided by story, sharing in conversation, connection, expansion and the healing that comes from creating community with other women while we weave, giggle, maybe weep occasionally and roar with laughter!

Connect to your soul
Integrate the stories you've lived
Open your heart to possibility
....And learn basket weaving!

All for just $455
That's $65 a workshop!

Or seven weekly payments of $75

Limited spots available.

All sessions will be held in my backyard in Seaford.
If the weather is poor, we'll be inside my Bell Tent.

The Weaving Workshop Flow

WEEK ONE - Saturday May 25, 3-5pm
WEEK TWO - Saturday 1 June, 3-5pm
WEEK THREE - Saturday 8 June, 3-5pm
WEEK FOUR - Saturday 22 June, 3-5pm
*School holiday break
WEEK FIVE - Saturday 20 July, 3-5pm
WEEK SIX - Saturday 27 July, 3-5pm
WEEK SEVEN - Saturday 3 August, 3-5pm

Come join me
I'd love to hang out with you, weaving and talking, like women have for centuries.

Jules xx